The highlights among the „Altwiener“ coffee houses

Vienna is famous for its coffee house culture and this includes not only a perfect „Melange” coffee and the “Spritzer” wine but also the well-known unfriendly Viennese waiters, who contribute greatly to the traditional atmosphere.

Here is a list of the best known and most recommendable of their kind:

  • Cafe Raimund
  • Cafe Weimar
  • Cafe Hummel
  • Cafe Prückel
  • Cafe Diglas im Schottenstift
  • Cafe Eiles
  • Cafe Landtmann
  • Cafe Sperl
  • Hawelka
  • Cafe Maximilian
  • Cafe Engländer
  • Cafe Diglas hinterm Stephansdom
  • Cafe Bellaria

Beware: sometimes the old Viennese coffee houses are that well known for their traditional style that the owners refuse or just forget to renovate them at all. They then appear shabby and provide tavern instead of imperial Viennese atmosphere such as the cafe Anzengruber or the Cafe Westend. Sometimes one experiences stress and an unfriendly atmosphere in Cafe Diglas im Schottenstift as well as in the famous Cafe Landtmann where peopole are standing in lines at the cloakroom.