guiding principle of Balimedia

Balimedia aims to report on important and current topics. We are an inspiration and information platform dealing with travel, lifestyle and knowledge.

our philosophy

It is our philosophy to live more consciously in an increasingly fast world and to deal intensively with personal experiences and new impressions in global contexts. We are concerned with the finer things in life such as travelling and a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is also important not to lose environmental aspects and global poverty out of sight. We are politically independent and support a society of diversity and equality in a globalized world. Therefore we support charity projects. ❤️

our guidelines

We are not an advertising platform! Notwithstanding, we find it reasonable that our readers can effortlessly find the described products and services or can easily book their trips. Therefore, we link to the offers of our tested partners.

We offer our readers …

  • authentic reports & photos with a lot of background information
    • we create no sugar coated sponsored article or recommend products / services that we could not test extensively.
    • we do not produce fake news.
    • all photos and videos are taken by the Balimedia team and are not artificially brightened.
    • we do not use license-free photos from the internet!
  • nonbinding travel and product suggestions:
    • partner links lead to sites where our readers can inform themselves about the product range or choose their preferred travel conditions.
    • in our articles we truthfully draw the consumers´ attention to all possible risks, advantages, disadvantages and the experiences we have made. This should assist the reader in the purchase or booking decision.
    • we receive commissions from our partners that will help us in further developing and maintaining the site and allow us to support charity projects.
  • products and services based on our own experience:
    • we develop products and services for our readers that can be ordered on this website.
    • our offers comply to very high quality standards.
  • recommendations for tested products, services & travels
    • we only link directly to products and services or promote them after using and testing them ourselves.